Common reasons to why facebook accounts are being hacked

Facebook is growing in double digits every year. This is a fact. The number of uses signing up keeps on adding. This means more confidential information is being stored in the clouds. This information is hot in the eyes of those dedicated to hacking. With that said Facebook is also investing in getting the next level security system in place. Statistics show that more than 100 thousand accounts on Facebook are being hacked.  Facebook has 2.41 billion active users every month. Facebook is no doubt the largest social network worldwide.  And given that Facebook is a social network. Most of its users are letting their guards down.

Here are two of the main reasons why people’s Facebook accounts are hacked.

  • Jealousy, always in Top 3 reasons
  • When an innocent crush turns into a full time obsession

Social networks have their own measures to prevent hacking. But as we proceed with modern technology. New methods of hacking arise. So many platforms and free hacking websites you find on the internet today. Some of these websites are bogus. But there are some that are legit. How this hacking software works is that. It will allow hackers to have access to the user’s account. Get all the information they need and leave no trace.

Top 5 Hacking methods to hack another user’s Facebook account

  • Phishing – A hacker will create a fake Facebook page to log in. This page will look the same as Facebook. Then it will ask the victim to enter login details to that page.
  • Keylogging – This is a small program. This program is going to be installed on the user’s computer. Everything the victim types will be recorded using this program.
  • Stealers – Stealers is a software that will allow hackers to save passwords. Passwords are stored on the user’s computer.
  • Session Hijacking – Hackers will gain access to users cookies
  • Sidejacking With Firesheep – If the victim and the hacker are sharing the same wifi network.

The above methods in hacking a Facebook account may or may not always work. If considering the time and effort needed to hack an account. It would seem to be a little consuming. The best way to find an FB password hacker. Is to start looking for software that is easy to use. There are so much software available that you can use. If you are planning to hack someone’s account. Better be sure of your purpose as we are opening sensitive data and personal details of the user.