Everything You Want To Know About the Melanotan Solution

Melanotan 2 is the synthetic form of naturally-occurring hormaone called as α melanocyte-stimulating hormone that is the peptide that helps both females and males with skin tan. The molecule is believed to provide patients the nice tan body when it is injected as it stimulates production of the melanin that is one main hormone that is responsible for the skin pigmentation. Unluckily, the prolonged exposure to sun can damage the skin cells and improve any risk of developing the skin cancers, like melanoma & squamous cell carcinoma. Thus, used melanotan injections that is a best alternative for getting the tanned without even exposing yourself to the harmful UV radiation.

Difference between Melanotan I & Melanotan II

 Melanotan I & II offer same effects to your skin; but, they are different structurally. For example, Melanotan I is the long peptide, which has the same structure to naturally-occurring peptide, whereas Melanotan 2 is the circular version, which has lesser amino acids. The Melanotan 2 is much cheaper, but it is associated with some side effects.

Indications of using the Melanotan

Lots of people want to have the tanned skin, however, can’t go through this long process of using sunscreen & lying down for several hours when sun exerts the effects. For such group of people,  the Melanotan 2 injections that are the best alternative to the sun exposure & does not carry any kind of risk of developing cancer. Tanning injections of the Melanotan are actually linked to the lower risk of cancer especially skin cancer.

Melanotan 2: Important Things to To Know

Reducing risk of skin cancer

Like we mentioned before, Melanotan decreases any risk of cancer or other dermatological conditions as it provides the natural barrier against the harmful UV radiation, and other pathogens. The common cancers, which affect the people with he fair skin is called melanoma that originates from the melanocytes. The highly prevalent risk for the melanoma is the prolonged exposure of UV light. Interestingly, such kind of cancer is hardly seen in the people with the darker skin, and we suggest to buy melanotan II injections that offers the protective layer against the UV light.

There’re two important ways of getting the protective layer:

  1. Prolonged exposure to sun
  2. Tanning Melanotan injection

Like you have probably deduced, there’s the obvious contradiction here; first option of gaining the  protective layer against the skin cancer is one major risk factor! Thus, the best bet is going with tanning injections by using Melanotan.