Know more about synthetic urine

Why would someone need synthetic urine ?

Many jobs require you to pass a piss test before they award you the job. In such cases, you may pass the group discussion and technical aspects of the interview but the emergency urine test can be a big hindrance. This is a big hurdle for people who enjoy their weekends using drugs and drinks. The elements of the drugs and drinks remain in the human urine for days after consumption and can be a reason for failure in urine drug test. If you do not want that to happen to you then do opt for a synthetic urine kit. Here we provide more info on synthetic urine, from where you can get it and how to make it.

synthetic urine

What is synthetic urine?

In simple words, it is just fake pee which can be used for a drug test. However, it is not manufactured for this sole purpose. The main use of the product is for calibrating lab equipment and to check the effectiveness of diapers. However several people do use it to pass drug tests. The synthetic urine possesses same smell, texture, color, and organic ingredients like creatinine, urea, uric acid and metabolites like the real pee.

From where you can buy synthetic urine

Synthetic urine can be obtained from a drugstore, but if you want to keep the transaction as a secret then you can source it from online sellers. In case of urgent need, it is better to take from a local store. To get more info on synthetic urine products does research well before buying a product.

How much fake urine is required for a drug test?

According to the DHHS rules, a standard sample should be of 2oz. A synthetic urine bottle which comes with the kit measures around 3-5 ounces which is more than enough. You may require almost half of it. The success of the drug test does not depend upon the quantity but the quality of the sample. Choose a brand that has good reviews and reputation to pass such tests.

How to make fake urine using Sub Solution fake urine kit?

  • Fill the plastic bottle with warm water and add correct proportion of synthetic urine powder to it.
  • Close the top of the bottle tightly and shake it gently to mix with water and synthetic urine is created.
  • There is a temperature strip included in the kit which can detect the temperature of the sample. Make sure it is not below 88 degrees F.
  • If the temperature is low, add one-third of the heat activated powder to your sample and make sure that the sample reaches an appropriate temperature of 100 degrees F.