Oil pressure gauge is one of the crucial components found in a car. It gives the information about the oil pressure in the engine and helps to indicate other problems like oil leakages in the engine through PSI readings.  If such a problem is detected, do not drive anymore, check the pressure and have the problem fixed first. The following is an oil pressure gauge review buying guide.

Mechanical gauge

Working of an oil pressure gauge

To make this instrument last longer, you should maintain regular checkups. Check the oil pressure regularly to ensure that it is working properly. There are two main classifications according to their working.

  • Mechanical gauge

The gauge contains pipes instead of wires. It is traditional way of checking oil pressure in a vehicle. Mechanical method is more accurate in checking the oil pressure than electrical gauge since pipe gives precise details than wires.

  • Electrical gauge

With advancement in technology, there is the development of electrical indicator. The electrical method is found mostly in modern cars. Electrical gauge uses electric current through the wire to measure the oil pressure.

Reading the oil pressure gauge

An oil pressure gauge reading is available on your car dashboard. It uses a need to indicator needle which shows the oil pressure. Some vehicles may use letter ‘H’ while others will use ‘L’ symbols. This oil pressure gauge review will help you.

  • Zero reading

When your car is at rest, the gauge should read zero the minimum reading. Otherwise, your gauge pump is broken or presence of a fault.

  • Low reading

When your gauge provide low reading, it shows there is a problem with that indicator so, to avoid further damage consider fixing the issue or replacement.

  • High reading

 In these, the pressure gauge rest at the center after starting your car, showing oil delivery tubes have a blockage. Remember these may end up to a burst of the oil filter.

What to consider when buying

There are different types of oil pressure gauge on the market today.

  • Installation-you should seek for a professional to have it installed at the right position.
  • Maintenance-you should purchase quality gauge to ease maintenance.
  • Accuracy-this is very crucial, look for the gauge that provides accurate readings.

Cost; remember the higher the price, the better the instrument, therefore, invest at the higher cost to buy a quality gauge.

Some of the best oil gauge includes;

  • Bosch SP0F000052 Style Line 2″ Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge
  • GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Oil Pressure Gauges
  • HOTSYSTEM New Universal Oil Pressure Press Gauge
  • DuraChoice 2-1/2″ Oil Filled Pressure Gauge
  • Bosch SP0F000041 Style Line 2″ Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge

Finally, considering the above, it is vital to install a high-quality oil gauge to lower cost of replacement and also to eliminate any risk that may be caused by a faulty oil gauge.