Risks of buying used cars from private sellers

The main motive behind choosing used cars if to save money. There are other reasons too but this being the main one. It is justifiable as you are likely to get better deals at a lower cost. But buying Used cars in fresno isn’t easy. You need to look at various factors. You can buy used cars from either the dealership or from the private sellers. We would advise you to go for the dealerships. It is because they are better but more so because there are various risks in buying used cars from private sellers. some of the risks are given below

Lack of Consumer Protection

When you buy a car from any private seller, you are not covered by the laws and regulations of the state. After you have bought a car from the private seller, all the problems of the car are now your problems and you can’tcomplain about it. There aren’t any warranties available on the cars unless the original warranty of the car is still in effect and only if you are able to successfully transfer the ownership. Theis also a very lengthy process.

 Used cars in fresno

More Footwork

Before you buy the car fromthe private seller, there is a lot of work which you need to do before that. You have to visit through a number of websites, research about different cars, contact the owners, order the reports of the vehicles, fix appointments, schedule inspection and transfer all the paperwork. You need to go through all these activities and these are all time to consume unless you are very lucky to complete it within a short span of time.

More Paperwork

The paperwork is the responsibility of both the buyer and the seller. You have to transfer the title or the bill of sale, car registration,and the taxes to your name. these processes do not happen quickly and you need to make a number of trips to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to complete the transfer work. These can get very tiring for you.

History Reports and Inspections

Sometimes, the private sellers refuse to show the history report of the vehicle. In such cases, you need to get the vehicle history report form various website which is going to charge you for that. You can conduct your own inspection as well, but this will also cost you some amount of money.


You should generally go to dealerships for buying used cars unless you get a very good deal from eth private seller.