Personal protection:

          The concept and the method of personal protection were felt very seriously during the covid pandemic all over the world. This is a time when people even in the countries like the United States ran out of masks that protect them from inhaling the dangerous virus that has spread out. The reason for the panic about this particular virus is that it spreads at alarming speeds and is said to infect people even within a few feet distance.


The whole world was undergoing physical distancing in order to avoid getting infected from the others. This particular virus has spread across the continent like wild fire or even faster than that in no time at all. It is this sped that concerns the medical fraternity and they advise you to use the personal protection equipment or PPE for short. The most import and sought after equipment here is the face mask. In order to know more on the subject go to KN95 Face Mask and get all the ideas that are available.

Why this mask?

          There are several types of mask that are available in the market. Most of them are the surgical masks that the doctors use while they are treating the patients or when they are performing the operations in a theatre. They require it as a short time preventive measure so that they do not infect the patient with theory breath. This is a disposable mask which is very flimsy and made out of material that can be damaged very easily. But with the current situation what you need is the n95 masks that the doctors recommend. The reason for this is that it filters out the particles better as the pore size of the masks are very small when compared with the surgical masks. So, this mask alone is considered to offer the fullest protection by filtering away the aerosols that are lingering in the surrounding air waiting to infect the next victim.

          The KN95 Face Mask is durable and sturdy and can withstand the usage better. They come in a pack of ten and they are said to filter out the smallest aerosol particles in the air from entering the respiratory system of the person. You can purchase them online easily and they are available in the packages of ten and all the specifications can be checked online.