The four most difficult secrets that you can uncover in GTA V

Probably the best thing about the Grand Theft Auto series is its ability to create a massive world within the game. Maps that you have to spend more than hundreds of hours of gaming just to discover everything on it. It is simply one of the best open-world games which are why there is no short of success when the Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and now it also has the gta 5 mobile which is both available for gta 5 android and gta 5 ios.

GTA V has become very famous for featuring a lot of secrets and Easter eggs making it a worthy predecessor to the previous GTA games like the gta 5 apk where you can experience the gta 5 android gameplay. In fact, GTA V is considered to be the one to have the most hidden locations, the most unexpected encounters, and has the most pop culture references like the gta 5 on phone. Those who are willing to dig deeper into Los Santos, for sure they can find hidden treasures that you can also play at the gta 5 mobile download.

GTA franchise

Not to take this long, check out gta 5 apk download most exciting hidden things that you can find.

  • Alien under the bridge– Aliens have become one of the best parts in the Free GTA online franchise, and almost every part of the GTA series has its own versions of aliens and UFOs, and most of the time, you really have to find them making it incredibly rewarding for gamers who have lots of time searching for this even when you are playing mobile gta 5. For this particular hidden thing in GTA V, players do not exactly have to work so hard to find this alien, all you have to do in the very first scene of the game, which is the prologue, you have to simply drive under the bridge to find an alien that clearly preserved in an ice and it seems that Rockstar Games wanted to hide one of the best secrets in the place where people do not bother to look after which is totally right at the beginning of the game at the android gta 5.
  • Finding the UFOs– Same as what the aliens do, the UFOs have been also a trademark for the GTA series, which pops out of nowhere surprising gamers unexpectedly while GTA V, however, there is a catch in it. The three UFOs can only appear after the player have already completed the entire game, while other single UFO can be found crashed underwater on the northern side of the map of the gta 5 download.
  • Ghost on Mount Gordo’s peak– Mount Gordo is one of the three mountains that you can climb in GTA 5, aside from Mount Josiah and Mount Chiliad. Mount Gordo may have the smallest peak in the gta 5 mobile, and it is located at the northeast of Blaine County. Jolene’s ghost frequently appears at the peak of Mount Gordo during midnights, however, when you approach the ghost, it instantly disappears. You can even see the name of her husband “Jock” engraved on one of the stones at the mountain especially if you play gta v ios.
  • The mysterious infinite 8- It is very usual that you can find a secret in GTA games, and there is not much of the actual gameplay that is involved to it. You are initially stumbling into a weird scene where players can follow the secrets of this mystery as if they are investigating and searching for some clues to lead them to the villain like the features you can get in gta 5 for android.