With the presence of a lot of threats in the virtual world these days, everyone’s priority is security that is why there are also a lot of developers out there that continues to develop security measures through the utilization of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology which creates a safer and an encrypted connection to protect yourself from a less secure network or website such as the internet itself.

It was developed to allow users to cloak themselves and make them use of the internet remotely. Large business establishments and organizations are often the ones that use VPN to protect and secure their precious data and information.

To a certain extent, your paranoia of protecting your precious data and personal information, activities as well as your location is right by trusting it through a VPN service provider to keep you safe from potential threats lurking in the internet by hiding your Internet Protocol (IP) address and keep your activities hidden from the watchful eyes of the internet.

However, not all VPN service providers out there are trustworthy. You should differentiate and figure out which is a trusted and reliable VPN from those who do not even work its purpose after all. You should feel suspicious if your VPN service provider generously logs your connection times and dates as well as IP addresses and keeps track of the number of hours that you are connected because it is somehow monitoring your activity which in the first place was your main purpose to avoid.

On the other hand, a trustworthy VPN service provider does not make any monitoring as mentioned above and is less interested in keeping an eye of your activity but rather providing you a more secure VPN location and dummy IP address to protect your privacy and location. Just a fact, VPN service providers should delete the logs, history and other data that you have accessed in the internet after you have logged in to your VPN for privacy purposes; meaning it will leave no trace of your activity and information that you have provided to safely secure you from threats just like downloading movies.

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Here are a few tips that you can use in determining a trustworthy and a suspicious VPN service provider.

Last but not least, your disk space should not go below 20% past its limit, or it will cause some of your applications to run very slowly. Defragmentation may work, but it will not be that effective.