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OgstonAuto Detailing Center

Have fun while riding your car! It offers you an amazing experience while hitting the roads with friends. What if your vehicle suddenly stopped or met with a collision and part of your car got damaged? Then you can avail the best services of leading automobile repair and paint service provider if present in Duluth. Yes, you heard right! I am talking about the Ogston Body and Paint car detailing near me who are located on 50 West Central Entrance, Duluth Minnesota.They are successfully catering to the needs of the Duluth area as well as nearby areas. They are into this automobile industry over 30 years and have well-experiencedtechnicians who strive to delivera vehicle that meets quality and standards which assures customers guaranteed satisfaction. Hence reach them for any assistance of interior and exterior cleaning, collision repair that match with factory body and paint, undertake auto glass repair or replacement, auto detailing of any vehicle as they use only mild detergents to gentle wash and fast dry to handover you on fixed time charging only minimal amount that is not pricey and meets policies and standards. Feel the pride to ride your car from their auto shop.

Salient Features of this Top Rated Auto Shop:

Ogstonis into this Automobile industry from over 30 years and so far had offered quality services to its clients who work with a passion for delivering their customerscomplete satisfaction that follow policies and standards to offer any auto detailing based on the requirement of the owner.It works with a team of qualified and trained technicians who are well versed to handleauto part repairs of any vehicle with ease saving both time and efforts of owners.

Ogston was first into the business of running a gas station at the corner of Password Avenue, but today it had expanded its services with the help of certified master technician Joe and spread theirworkspace around 15,000 sq ft to offer the best auto detailing services to their clients and stood top rated body shops in the area.

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This auto body shop main goal is to cater to the needs of Duluth residents who come to get fixed their vehicle for auto detailing or any part repair or replacement. But they strive to offer their customers a high level of customer satisfaction by following policies and standards to meet the quality that matches with the factory body and paint. All the services offered by them are efficient and cost-effective.

This auto shop gained immense recognition due to their trained and well-experienced technicians who are a major key to their success as they can handle any old to new vehicle requirement with ease. The chemicals which they use to clean your vehicle are less toxic and eco-friendly. They also perform vacuuming, shampooing and fast dry of your vehicle to make you feel pride for driving your car on roads.


Whether you are looking for any auto shop to repair or detailingof your vehicle, I would highly recommend you to reach the Ogston Body and Paint located in Duluth, MN.They are into the automobile industry to cater to all your vehicle needs and strive to offer quality that meets standards and offer their customers complete satisfaction. If looking for more info then book a prior appointment to consult with their experts.