What are the best Pokémon mobile games?

There are licenses that have forever marked the history of video games. Among them is Pokémon. The license continues to persist over the years with new titles and a universe that continues to expand. The role-playing series comes out of the titles gradually on the classic tracks, but recently, smartphones have also got their share of the cake. Here is a top of the best Pokémon  mobile games.

Pokemon Go: the most famous titles on mobiles

Among the well-known titles of the pokemon go accounts   license, one of the games is on mobile platforms. The Pokemon Go mobile game was a real fashion phenomenon during the summer of 2016. The concept of the mobile game was able to seduce a very large number of players before the hype gradually descended. There is the possibility of using an Augmented Reality feature to superimpose the game on the real. In short, everything is done for the fan of the license, even if everything is not yet perfect. The Pokemon Go mobile game is available for Android and iOS phones. The big strength of the software lies in the fact that the developers of Niantics are constantly working on their creation. In addition, you have regular community events to catch exceptional creatures every week. Each month an event honors a creature with an exceptional capacity of its own. Live a unique experience and an adventure via your mobile phone.

Pokemon go

Pokémon Shuffle: a Candy Crush with Sucroquin sauce

The advantage that the mobile video game market offers you is a certain freedom of movement. If console games are limited to the same kind of game play, smart phones allow you to innovate. The Pokémon Shuffle mobile game is a perfect illustration. Indeed, the title is of the kind of thinking that first appeared on the Nintendo 3DS. The game play of the software is extremely simple, just align a series of Pokémon heads for the creature in front of you. In addition to fans of the license, the mobile game is also accessible to neophytes. Indeed, the difficulty of Pokémon Shuffle will increase, and you are entitled to different types of advantages like the Mega Evolution or even the advantages. Mobile gaming is also available on iOS and Android stores and does not weigh very heavily on your phone. In short, we highly recommend getting Pokémon Shuffle.

It’s a cultural discovery game

Yes Yes. Today, I spotted in my neighborhood a Protestant temple with a beautiful pediment in front of which I had passed hundreds of times without having noticed it. With Poke Stops, we discover ignored mascarons, discreet friezes and murals that we had never seen by dint of walking headlong … while looking at our mobile. This is one of the surprises of this game, it forces us to look up to see what we no longer saw.