What Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Include?

Commercial carpet cleaning services are those that seek to commercially clean the carpets of buildings, homes, and offices. These services can be very lucrative for companies and individuals alike, but in order to maintain their marketability, they should provide enough information to their clientele about what is included in a typical commercial cleaning service. This article will discuss the types of service that are provided by a commercial carpet cleaner along with additional information on what is necessary for customers who wish to purchase these type of commercial carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Upholstery Cleaning

A standard carpet cleaning service should include upholstery cleaning. When an individual hires a commercial carpet cleaner to clean their carpets, they are also paying for the upholstery inside their building or home to be cleaned. This can include furniture, mattresses, and other soft furnishings that are located in the building.

Floor Maintenance

Another service that is commonly included in a commercial carpet cleaning service is floor maintenance. Many individuals will choose this type of package because it ensures their carpets will stay clean for long periods of time and can help enhance the business’ credibility with customers who are visiting.

Cleaning servicesVacuuming

A commercial carpet cleaning service should include regular vacuuming for both the carpets and the rugs. This is usually done on a scheduled basis so that all carpets are cleaned and sanitized when customers are not in the building.


There should be an extraction at least once a year to remove dirt, germs and allergens from the air inside of buildings, homes, or offices. Although people typically think of extractors as big air purifiers, they can also be used to vacuum out dust and dirt that is left behind after cleaning the carpets themselves.


A commercial carpet cleaning service should include the use of a dryer to dry the carpets after they have been cleaned. If not, then the carpets will be musty and would smell very bad in the building or home.


A commercial carpet cleaning service should include a sanitizing process before and after vacuuming the rugs, furniture, and other items that can be damaged by bacteria and viruses while they are being cleaned. Because these items are often shared between different individuals in one building or home, it is in all of their best interests to prevent any issues before they occur.