What is Commercial Floor Waxing?

Floor wax is the best barrier for protection because it is a very potent cleaning agent designed to refresh. Any non-carpeted floor can benefit from commercial floor waxing service in Philadelphia, PA which should be applied regularly to maintain the barrier’s integrity.

Interstate is one of our best-selling floor wax products because it offers excellent scuff resistance at a cost that fits any budget, making it the perfect finish for retail establishments and educational institutions. Franklin’s Quasar brand offers a low-maintenance choice for floor protection and is designed for high-traffic areas.

Start by getting a floor finish stripper made especially for your flooring before you strip and wax a floor. Next, prepare the water and stripper mixture by the directions, then wipe the floor.

Commercial floor waxing advantages

Individuals frequently believe that if something is not broken, they do not need to pay attention to it. But this is by no means the best practice. As the owner of a commercial property, you must realize how essential routine maintenance is to the long-term success of your company. This is particularly valid regarding your floors.

Every day, traffic passes over your floors. Also, visitors to your business may bring various pollutants with them. The items your clients’ feet get into your commercial property, from heavy mud to everyday grime, might harm your floors.

How frequently should floors on the commercial property be waxed?

It is preferable to schedule floor stripping and wax once a month for business locations with high traffic.

Yet, due to time and financial limitations, a monthly timetable may only be feasible for some owners. After all, these services are not inexpensive. In that situation, you can assign the buffing task to inside staff. Then, every five to six months, let a professional cleaning firm handle the stripping and waxing. There is no doubt that commercial floor waxing is an essential part of maintenance for all establishments. However, expensive and time-consuming, floor stripping and waxing have several advantages. Hire experts to complete the process if you want top-notch results.