If you are thinking that small bathroom space will deprive you of the simplest luxury that one can have, then you are wrong. Towel radiators are no more a luxurythat adore only big and spacious bathrooms. We, at Cheap Radiators offer small/narrow rowel radiators that can be fixed anywhere. We provide towel radiators as narrow as 200mm wide that can be fixed even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Apart from 200mm wide towel radiator, we have in stock a wide range of towel radiators in variable sizes and designs.

Why You ShouldOwn One?

  • Unpleasant odor, development of mold, damp towels and bathroom robes can make your bathroom dull. To make your bathroom fresh and warm, you should definitely fix a towel radiator in your bathroom.
  • Designed with chrome, they can match with any color scheme and make your bathroom look classy.
  • Dry towels are not the only benefit of having a towel radiator in your bathroom. It provides additional heat that is necessary to keep the bathroom warm.
  • Purchasing from Cheap Radiators is a great deal since we offer 5-year warranty on each product.
  • It is worth the price you pay. The top-quality towel radiators will add style, luxury and comfort to your bathroom.

Once you are clear about the type of towel radiator you need, all you have to do is to visit Cheap Radiators and start searching for the one that suits your needs. The technical details and the price is listed along each product so that it becomes easier for you to add to your cart the most suitable one. No matter what the size of your bathroom is, you can find towel radiators in all sizes that can fit in anywhere. The 200mm wide radiators are available in a wide range of heights and designs.

Add glamour and class to your bathrooms regardless of its size. These can match any color schemes and go well with any bathroom. It just not only transforms the appearance of your bathroom but also provides a whole new feel to it. The additional heat given off by this small yet efficient devicestops the mold from building up, keeps the towels dry and hence there is no offensive smell in your bathroom.

Search for the best out of best towel radiators at Cheap Radiators and transform the atmosphere of your bathroom.