How to Get Free Gems on Episode

There are many things an individual can do today on the internet. Browsing about different topics, playing online games, checking the weather, traffic, and even watching movies can be done. But, one of the most popular things to do on the internet is playing online games. There are a lot of online games for people can enjoy the perks of technology. Episode: Choose your Story is one of the free games, it is supported by Android and IOS.

free gems on episode

The episode is an interactive story game, anyone who likes to play this game can download the app. It was developed by the American game Pocket Gems and serves as the storytelling network and platforms which features interactive stories. This stories usually came from the ground up for mobile. The app allows people to be more imaginative and creative in telling a story. The player will make their own progress by giving the path of the story.

Getting a Free Gems on Episode Game

Gems are equivalent to the implemented currency of the game. This currency needed to proceed faster together with the game. Gems are really useful all throughout, as it will help players to continue playing the game.

  • Buying Gems. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get gems is to buy, but it has a big charge. Thus, players can’t have any trouble or conflict and will have the extra moolah to spend. Purchased gems can transfer to other players, but it is only allowed to the same operating system.
  • Episode Cheats and Hacks. People often search out for the available cheats of the game. There are several hack tools available online, in order to help players to get episode free gems. Tools that can produce an unlimited number of free gems and passes. So, to get many gems, choose and decide wisely for a tool to try. The best tool to try is the one that can work online using a browser, serves as the interface. This only means that there is nothing to download an app, including the extensions or other add-ons. It is an implication that the tool has no third party intervention.


Episode: Choose Your Story game can enhance one’s creativity. It allows people to develop their storytelling skills. Thus, to succeed in this game, players need to protect their data before tampering it. Preserving phone’s data can be a way, with the help of any IOS Data Manager.