How To Keep Your Compressor Cool, Safe, And Clean?

Did you know location also impact your compressor?, Confuse about where to assemble your air compressor? Which is the perfect place for it? Now you don’t need to worry about it, take a look at this article and your all doubts will be clear.

If we pay attention to the location then you must know that a location not only affects your compressor functioning but also affect the productivity of employees and Facilities ‘ efficiency too. Your compressor should be cool so that only it works better but how to keep your compressor cool?

There are some factors to consider perfect location:

Here are some tips or instructions to keep in mind while considering the location of the air compressor. This will help your compressor to provide you long-time service.

Easy servicing: It is common that every machine needs routine service to work better. you should assemble it somewhere with three-foot distance to easily open its door for servicing. Some parts of compressor are larger in size so it should be at open place to remove or replace these parts easily. If you don’t put it at a distance place you have to pay more for services because it takes more time for the mechanic to remove or repair parts and extra persons need for help.

Cool temperature: it is necessary to assemble it still cool place because compressor produces their own heat. When the temperature of the room is hot and compressor also generates heat it can be harmful or otherwise, your compressor will shut down automatically. Therefore the temperature of the room should be between 40-105°F. You should also put it somewhere open place because the system also needs good air circulation.

Other precautions: it should be placed somewhere with clean air, if you accessing your compressor in dirty air you have to pay more maintenance. You also locate it where the power supply is near your compressor so that you can save the cost of Powering. Your compressor also generates vibrations and loud sounds it can disrupt employees, so you should take a separate room for compressor. Last but not the least you should keep clean the air compressor.