Getting familiar with Instagram Instagram Pod 

Instagram as a social network

Today’s generation is well aware of instagram. It is a social media which enables its users to share photos and videos from his or her smart phone. It works similarly as twitter and facebook that means just like before mentioned two, instagram account also has a news feed and profile. It could be said as a quite convenient version of facebook. However, there are not as much users of instagram as that of facebook.

Marketing with social media

Social media marketing has emerged as the platform gained popularity among people of almost all the age groups. There are a large number of business organizations from giants to new start ups all of them are involving social media in a vital role in their marketing strategies. Facebook is really popular in advertising for big businesses but instagram is not very far from it as there are about a 1000 million users of instagram.

Several advantages of instagram are-

  • Instagram is especially designed for photographs hence, it has more effective visuals.
  • The engagement rates on the application are really high.
  • It could prove to be an appropriate platform for building brand of the business.
  • There is also an option of paid advertisement and this would be effective in growing account.

Although, these are the most important aspects of the instagram but at the same time these are known and common. But have you heard about a private group made up of 100-500 users of instagram who run the account with almost similar count of followers or niche. Yes, such kind of group exists in the social networking application you are using every day and these groups are known as Instagram pods. Users of this social app take advantage of this chain for informing one other about their latest posts and the members of pod show their support by double tapping or commenting on them.

There are three types of Instagram Pod which include a DM group on instagram, Telegram group chat and turn on notifications. These pods enable an instagram post to get a decent engagement soon after posting, a photo or video which is quite essential to become a contender of getting featured on the application. These pods are really useful for the users who want to get a large number of followers but are struggling in that.