How Did Samurai Swords Influence Japanese Martial Arts?

A samurai sword is a two-handed blade traditionally worn by the elite fighters of feudal Japan. The weapon is a symbol of what it means to be Japanese, and it has long been part of Japanese culture. Although it is widely-known that the sword was a very important part to a samurai’s life, it is less widely-known what part the sword played in Japanese martial arts. Here are ways on how did samurai swords influenced Japanese martial arts?

Swords allowed for faster attacks

With the samurai sword, Japanese martial arts were able to become faster. In order to make quick strikes, the samurai would use a diagonal cut with his sword. The diagonal cut was different than the overall attack because it would aim at an angle that is not show in traditional martial arts. Because of this, it allowed for quicker strikes and more fluid movement.

Clothed in glory

In order to show their bravery, samurai would wear their sword at all times when they were around other people or groups. In times of war, they would attach the sword to their belt, so they could easily draw it and use it to fight whoever was in their path. The samurai sword did not only help with speed and efficiency, but also with image. Because of the sword, the samurai could show off his glory when he was walking around, and be proud at his skill.

The sword allowed for quick strikes

With their swords attached to them at all times, samurai would have no problem drawing it out quickly when needed. The samurai were able to “cut” their opponents at a much faster rate, and with more technique. Although the samurai had an aura of glory surrounding them, they also had the skill to back it up. Being able to cut much faster than other fighters allowed for more efficient battles, and even quicker wins in war.

Samurai taught others how to use swords

The sword was easily one of the main weapons that a samurai had at his disposal. Like I stated in the introduction, the samurai used the sword at all times, and continued to teach others how to use it. The samurai would teach their friends and family how to use a sword, just like they were taught how to use one when they were little. They would also teach their children about swords in hopes that they would be able to carry on after the samurai died.


In conclusion, the samurai sword is a very important part of Japanese history and culture. With it’s many features, the samurai sword helped Japanese martial arts, even if they didn’t realize it. The samurai sword was not only a weapon but also a symbol that made the samurai look strong, and a means to show off their skill.