Let your mojo rule Instagram

Has it been so long on Instagram and the reason of your frustration is not having huge number of followers? You must be going wrong somewhere. There are many tricks you need to follow which most of the famous people on Instagram do and are very simple. But the only concern is you need to be consistent at everything you do. If you spend your most of the time thinking how to get Instagram famous then this is the time when you need to stop thinking and start working towards building your followers list.

famous on Instagram

Like any other thing in life, just starting something is not enough, continuing it matters the most. There are many ways to make your photographs noticed but these three important points will make it easier for you if follow them with discipline.

Once you start posting identify what kind of pictures are getting more likes and start posting more of those to engage your audience.

Attract more people

In order to build a huge followers base you have to reach out to more number of people on Instagram. Use a lot of famous and relevant hashtags while you post a picture. This will help you get likes of strangers and they might become your followers too.

Try reaching out to people who use same hashtags and post similar stuff as yours and leave a meaningful comment on their post. It might make the account holder and his/her followers check your profile and if your content is engaging they might start following you and if not then they might not visit back. Find more people who are famous on Instagram with similar profile and regularly like and comment on their posts, this will make people notice you more.

Take care of your followers

The most important thing is not to lose the existing followers you have. Make sure that you build a relationship with your followers by replying to each and every comments. Doing this will not make you ask yourself the how to get Instagram famous again again. To engage your audience it is important to post regularly but do not bombard with too many photos at once, take a few hours of gap and then post. Sometimes you can even ask questions to your followers in captions to engage them more.

But before implementing all of the above, write an interesting and short bio about yourself in the bio section and make your profile public.