Alexei Orlov Story As Well As The Art Of Specialization

The plot of the story begins in late 2016. Alexei Orlov and his coworkers sat in a Florida boardroom. CEOs and other prominent c-suite members of numerous world-renowned organizations were among them, as were the CEOs and other influential c-suite officials of a worldwide company’s marketing behemoth with over 5,000 customers in over 100 countries.

– Alexei Orlov was stoic on that specific day. He sat silently in the boardroom window, looking for anything different from the other CEOs in the room that day. Orlov’s coworkers were focused on the day’s activities and tasks at the worldwide corporate marketing behemoth. Each of them had a little portion of the enormous business that they were exclusively responsible for maintaining and growing.

– Alexei Orlov swiveled away from the door and returned to the others in the room when asked. He said two basic words softly but forcefully, “I’m bored. “Orlov instantly began to pick and choose his next words with care. “I want to do my own thing,” he continued. Alexei’s supervisor at the time, the CEO of this worldwide corporate giant, swiftly informed Alexei it was the incorrect moment to consider leaving because they were in the midst of several overhauling reforms and required him to assist them succeed.

Alexei Orlov: Self Made Man

Alexei Orlov’s Vision Brought to Life

So, in February 2017, Alexei Orlov had a $35 million war chest, thanks to $35 million in investor investment and a little of his own money. Then he set about devising a plan for a firm made up of eight to ten very diverse and specialized units. He’d buy each of them because of what they had to give the world, the level of development they were in at the time, and Orlov could see where he could add value to them.

– Alexei Orlov was not interested in acquiring groups or enterprises that were nearing the end of their careers. Each business he bought might be beginning or have just been in operation for a short period.

Within MTM, there are a variety of specializations.

– MTM presently houses four agencies that were purchased independently. All of the firms work in the fields of public relations, marketing, and brand activation. All specialize in what they do and are non-competing, resulting in a series of extremely healthy new alliances when they join MTM. Under Alexei Orlov’s leadership, the acquired agencies have made tremendous progress.