Everything You Want To Know About Butt Pillow

Some cushions are particularly designed so that you can sit, keeping them underneath your thigh to release the pressure from your posterior. The design is primarily made for the tailbone, and it is created of heavy-duty as a high-density special foam grade butt pillow.

There’s a cut at the back to give you relief from pressure on the spine or tailbone. With the butt pillow, a cover is packed with zippered closure. They are considered to be more rectangular with grooves for the legs. These pillows are quite taller in comparison to others which might cause you little convenience while driving.

What’s the use of a butt pillow?

There are multiple uses of butt pillows. One of the common uses is that it would help you elevate your pelvis to keep your spine in an upright position. It is made with the usage of PU foam of high quality, which would help lower your spine with gentle support. This cushion would also help you at your workplace, in your car or at any other place where you would have to sit for a longer time.

butt pillow

What butt are pillows made from?

Top 10 Best Seat Cushions For Office Chair are made from different types of materials which might affect the feel of your cushion. Some of the different common materials are detailed below:-

#1. Memory Foam

It would offer you the definition combination of squishiness as well as firmness. However, it has more cost than any other type of foam. Few people find it a lot squishy, especially the ones which are quite heavier.

#2. High-Density Foam

It is considered to be cheaper in comparison to memory foam. It would provide you with amazing support, although most people even find it a bit firm.

#3. Cooling Gel

The pairing of cooling gel sometimes is done with memory foam. It is done so since the memory foam constitutes the ability to retain heat. Once it is covered with cooling gel, some people might feel its potential cooling effects have disappeared.

Butt pillows top the choice of people since it is effective in treating back pains and provides comfort when you sit. They are very common among people who feel severe pain due to sitting for a longer time. Since they don’t have much weight and are portable, you can carry and use them at any place. There is a multitude of reasons why it has become so popular over time.