Type of gun holster you need to know about

There are certain types of gun holsters you need to know about if you are thinking about buying a gun. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of holsters. Click here for best kydex holser.


They are worn outside the pants, held by a belt that crosses the two eyelets. These covers provide us with a very fast draw.

There is a type of cover called a “bikini”. In bikini-type holsters, the weapon protrudes from the lower end, that is, the holster does not cover it completely.

The outer covers in addition to being comfortable are a good option as long as we wear clothes that are not too tight.Visit this site for best kydex holser.


Short shirts or clothes that offer little coverage. They have the advantage that when they are pressed against the body by the belt, it is more difficult to perceive that we are carrying a weapon. Together with the exterior ones they are the most used.

There is a type of inner sleeve that allows us to wear the shirt inside the pants. It provides us with a good concealment in the event that we cannot wear the shirt loose. As a drawback, it should be noted that to extract the weapon we must first pull the shirt and this will take us an excess of time.

gun holster

Ideally, this type of holster was rigid, preventing them from closing after removing the gun. This characteristic is not decisive but it is advisable to facilitate re-holstering after an armed confrontation. As in all types of holsters, you must pay special attention when holstering your weapon. Insert it into the holster carefully, this will prevent accidental shots.

Shoulder holsters

A shoulder holster is used to carry a pistol on the sides of the body, under the arm. The usual thing if you choose to carry a weapon with one of these holsters is to wear a jacket or coat.

In addition to not being comfortable, they are only advisable for personnel with due training. When drawing the muzzle, the muzzle passes in front of our arm, and to make the shot we must make an excessively long arc. This way of carrying the weapon is more typical of police series of the mid-90s than of current times. They had some success in the past, but now there are magnificent holsters for carrying the weapon at the waist.

There are security professionals who are obliged to be seated constantly and perhaps this is the only case in which they could be recommended but you must always wear a jacket to keep it hidden.


These holsters are suitable for lightweight pistols. They are designed to adapt to the shape of the pocket and must occupy the entire pocket to prevent them from moving freely inside.

The exterior touch must be rough so that there is friction with the interior fabric of the pocket and in this way prevent, in case of having to carry out a draw, that we drag holster and pistol at the same time.

There are models that make it easier for us to draw, even so pocket covers are recommended when we are forced to dress in a certain way that prevents us from using another type of holster.

The main disadvantage of carrying your weapon in your trouser pocket is that the pistol will not be accessible while you are seated, also bear in mind that presenting the weapon from one of these holsters will take us an excess of time, this in a dangerous situation can be decisive, but if we have no other alternative, they are a good option.