Read More about XMRE Meals how can they help you

MRE, Meals-Ready-to-Eat are self-contained meals designed for emergency situations. They can be eaten cold, or sometimes require heating for which flameless heater is provided, MRE Meals have the long shelf life and can be eaten directly from the bag.

XMRE is an American company that specializes in MREs. They have been doing it for decades and ensure you, that you will be satisfied with their products.

Read more about XMRE Meals designed for different situations which include the following:

  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Situations

With decades of experience in delivering food to disaster-stricken areas, XMRE believes it is extremely important to get food to such areas as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

They can be contacted for disaster preparation at

  • Institutional

XMRE also helps different institutions in preparation needs. They can be contacted for further information at

  • International

XMRE exports meals outside the US; their experts will ensure that the meals are according to the taste of the local people ensuring customer satisfaction. They can export both small and large orders. For any questions regarding export, you can email them at

XMRE exports

  • Government purchasing

For any information regarding this, you can contact them anytime at:

US Toll-Free: 877-443-XMRE (9673)

International and Direct: 305-433-8376

Fax: 305-433-8507


  • Military and law enforcement

XMRE provides the perfect meals for the military. Their meals require no additions, can last up to 5 years or longer depending on the storage conditions and can be eaten in minutes.

  • Outdoors

XMRE provides meals for hiking trips and camping so you don’t have to cook it yourself.

  • Custom

You can now get customized meals anytime based on your specific needs.

Read more about XMRE Meal and series they offer for each and as per specific needs. Their series include:

  • XT Series

Originally designed for the military, the XT (Extended Shelf Life) series provides 900-1200 calories, is fully cooked with a long shelf life and can be eaten directly from the bag.

  • Blue line

Providing 1000-1200 calories, these meals are fully cooked, waterproof, require no heating or refrigeration.

  • LITE

These meals are perfect for outdoors. Providing 600-900 calories, they need no cooking, water, refrigeration or heating and are lightweight.

  • Kosher Meals

Kosher meals are made for military personnel and people who may be living in regions where kosher ingredients are unavailable. XMRE ensures that the meals adhere to the strict kosher guidelines ensuring customer satisfaction.  They are made in the States and have a long shelf life and are self-heating.

  • Halal Meals

XMRE is the first to manufacture Halal meals that are self-heating, have a long shelf life and have been field tested.

XMRE has stores all over the States and their staff will be happy to answer queries or you can contact them.