Benefits of installing textra app

Google doesn’t possess a good history in the case of a messaging application. It introduces a messaging app and then drops it after some time. There are no interesting messaging applications have been launched into the market in the recent times. This is the reason why many android application developers try with lots of chat applications. Many of us are using the pre-installed messaging apps in our android phones as a chat application. But few Android users like Samsung and MI use their own messaging applications.

The dedicated messaging app or sms app has been finally now launched into the market. The play store avails you with lots of messaging applications from which you can select the best app for your android mobile. Next question on our minds will be every messaging app is to send and receive messages, what will be the difference to sort out. Here, let’s take textra app and let’s compare with the other applications.

textra pro apk

  • The messaging app’s size of a Google messaging service is around 20 to 25 MB whereas a textra pro apk keeps it low. It weighs around 6 to 8 MB.
  • Using an intermediate like mighty text or push bullet, it is possible to send and receive messages on the PC.
  • Similar to any other messaging applications, android messages and textra is also free.
  • It is possible to customize the application with the features like the theme, color, contrast, mode, and others. As well as you can change the emoji styles and skin tones.
  • Notifications on textra are also customizable such that you can prioritize the messages, highlight the messages and also lock or unlock some messages.

Textra is the only messaging app that gives your grace time to alter or change the message even after sending and before the receiver receives or reads it. There is a delay option for this.