Bit Coin is more useful for Shopkeeper

They reduce the expense of commissions. The fees for a payment gateway range between 2% and 3% and include a minimum price per transaction. That skyrockets even more with PayPal, with figures like these: 3.4% + 0.5 Euros per transaction. On the contrary to this, with Bit coin, the transaction prices graze the gratuity without importing the quantity of the money that you order.

Without barriers

At  bitcoin faucets , you are your own bank. But after doing so, you do not pay for an account opening fee, monthly maintenance fees or incidental fees as often happens with a bank. You do not pay to have credit cards (moreover, it is an obsolete technology) … Having a wallet is free and with that, you can store all the bit coins you want, as well as order Bit coins to any part of the planet without anyone preventing you.

btc price chart

Nobody will touch you a subscription, or contracts, nor permanence’s, retentions, nor your data instead of covered, these things in Bit coin sound “to the Chinese”!


In times of constant information theft, industrial espionage and society on the part of governments and computer offenders and, even more, with the advent of advanced techniques of Big Data, it is more important than ever to take care of your privacy, managing to maintain it to a very high degree.

Bit coin has this much internalized concept. Bit coin is not completely anonymous, but it works to be so. We have written a very complete chapter of our guide about Bit coin’s privacy and the importance of being anonymous: Bit coin is not anonymous.