Buying a used car: the keys to making the right choice

A second-hand car is an automobile that is no longer new. Its owner, therefore, sells it second hand, after using it. The used car opposes the new car and differs from the car 0km, which are cars that have never driven. In France, the used car market is the largest share of the global automotive market.

Advantages of  used car


The purchase of a used car in apex is mainly justified by financial motivations. Indeed, these vehicles have the advantage of being much cheaper than new cars, with a purchase cost up to 40% lower.

Another argument that will seduce most foresighted: the discount of a used car is less important than that of a new car, which loses much of its value during the first year after the purchase. As for the impatient, they will be able to count on the immediate availability of the vehicle. However, it is better to have in mind that with a used car, mechanical problems can also happen very quickly, and the repair costs that go with it. Difficult  also to have all the guarantees on the real state of the car.

Where to buy a used car?

Brokers, proxies or classifieds sites propose to put directly the seller and the buyer. Here are the benefits of buying a used car online:

No administrative formalities;

Sometimes very attractive prices;

No moving (in most cases you will be delivered);

used cars in apex

Reduced deadlines.

We must not underestimate the black spots of online shopping, which are:

Fewer choices

  • Opportunities for scams or lack of security in the transaction;
  • No recovery proposed.
  • Buy at the dealership

The dealers sell used vehicles. Thus, by going to Renault, you can find both new and used cars. Here too, the dealer can offer you attractive prices. Also, it has good guarantees that an agent or an individual will not be able to offer you:

  • A security complete the transaction;
  • A wide range of models, options, colors …;
  • Payment benefits (discounts, auto credit …);
  • A takeover offer ;
  • A guarantee of up to 3 years;
  • Of professional advice in guiding his purchase.

How to choose a used car?

Above all, ask yourself the questions that will help you refine your choice of a used car:

  • What budget am I willing to put? ;
  • Which model (s) will I focus on first?
  • Which engine is adapted to my needs (gasoline, diesel …)?

For a used car, the issue of mileage is also essential. If you drive a lot, it’s better to go for a car with limited mileage. Indeed, it is considered that a car that has driven a lot is more used and will not necessarily be able to hold the road for a long time. However, if you drive little, a vehicle with a lot of kilometers on the meter will not be a drag.