Don’t Settle For Less, Choose YOUI Car Insurance

We need to protect our investments. How? We need insurance. We insure our health, our house, our business, even our cars. We cannot predict the future so we have to be prepared for us to avoid any problems in the future. If you own a car, you would definitely need a car insurance. Youi insurance, the South African insurer in New Zealand, has the best insurance plans for your automobile.

YOUI Car Insurance

Youi NZ Pty Limited is the rising general insurance provider in New Zealand and Australia today. Since 2014, Youi has been providing satisfactory insurance service to their customers. Do not settle for anything less. Choose the best out of the options that you have.

What Does Your YOUI Car Insurance Cover?

            When choosing a car insurance, it is best that you get all the benefits out of your money’s worth. With YOUI, you are promised to receive outstanding service and faster claim process. If you want to know more about the insurance coverage, you can always visit their official website, Youi NZ insurance :

  • Accidental Damage. According to the car insurance policies, it will cover for accidental damage.
  • Intentional Damage. Intentional car damage is also covered.
  • Storm or Flood. These damages are out of our control where they are also covered by your YOUI insurance.
  • This is also part of your coverage under the Comprehensive or 3rd Party Fire and Theft
  • Theft. The damages caused by theft or attempted theft are covered.
  • Earthquake. Earthquake damage is part of the natural calamities which are definitely part of your coverage.
  • Emergency Accommodation, Transport, and Repairs. You will receive up to $1000 for your emergency accommodation, transport or repairs.
  • Legal Liabilities. You are covered for up to $20 million for legal liability if, for example, your car caused damage to someone else’s property.
  • Towing Charges. After an insured event, the company covers the cost of towing and storage of your car for safekeeping in nearest to the location of the said event.
  • Contents inside the Car. Insurance does not cover your car alone. The contents inside your car are also covered for up to $750 or $150 each item.
  • Immediate Car Replacement. For up to 14 days after the purchase, the company will cover for your replacement car.

Why Choose Youi Car Insurance?

            Youi Car Insurance is designed to provide you everything that you need. They offer car hire after a theft. This is included in your comprehensive cover which can be up to 14 days. If you need to claim, their friendly staff can assist you all throughout the way. Your insurance also covers roadside assistance.