Download the Counter-Strike 1.6 Online Free Game

 Online games are very popular nowadays. It is mostly used by people who are looking for something to spend their spare time. It is such a relaxing and exciting way to keep themselves entertained. Regardless of age, you can find various games available online that will suit you. With the help of technology, there are always new games released for you to try on.

Most online gamers are ready to try these new games. While some are playing just their favorite game. One of these games is the Counter-Strike.

Learn more about Counter-Strike 1.6

 Counter-Strike is also marketed as Half-Life Counter-Strike. It is a very famous multiplayer first-person shooter. Initially produced by Jess Cliffe and Minh Le as a mod for Half-Life. Valve Software began participating in the progress and bought the rights to the game.      And provided the original developer’s jobs at the company.

The team-oriented and fast-paced gameplay of Counter-Strike. Has continued the same all over the years.  There are two teams in it. The Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists, the battle to complete a goal. Or to end the opposing team. Counter-Strike has been commended worldwide for its competitive multiplayer. In a web browser, you can now play Valve’s classic shooter Counter-Strike 1.6. You can easily load up the game without having to register for anything, or paying any amount. And battle it out in the counter-terrorist and classic terrorist setting.

The graphics may look outdated yet it’s neat to play. You can also cs 1.6 download for free, a distinct beautiful design. Counter-Strike is easy and simple to configure. There are servers today available in Asia, the USA, Canada, India, and Brazil. While you can play for free with people all over the world. There are also the choices to pay to rent a server and play with friends.


There are three official scenarios in Counter-Strike: Hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and Assassination. During the Counter-Strike Beta, existed the fourth scenario known as an escape. The scenario is still payable. Yet all the official maps were eliminated before the game’s release.

  • Hostage rescue- in this scenario hostages are being kept by the Terrorists. Official maps characterize between 3 and 5 hostages. The Counter-Terrorist team must save these hostages. By guiding them to a hostage rescue zone. The Terrorist must stop the hostages from being rescued. Victory can also be achieved by removing the other team.
  • Bomb defusal- this scenario features one Terrorist who starts with a C4 and two bomb sites. The bomb should be planted at a bombsite. After a certain amount, when the bomb has been planted it will explode. By this time, Counter-Terrorists may try to defuse the bomb.
  • Assassination- among the three, this is the least famous and has a single map. In this scenario, a single player on the Counter-Terrorist team takes the duty of a VIP. That needs to make it to a VIP escape zone.

Counter-Strike has gained favorable reviews, praised the social aspects and the team play.