Everything you need to know about immigration.

There are a lot of professions that are ranking on top and by the rate at which we are going at, I think lawyers will be taking the place of doctors in a few years, as they are just becoming as helpful as doctors are only in different ways. We know there are multiple laws that we as citizens need to abide by and even then, if any type of unjust is taking place then lawyers come into the picture to help you. They basically become your knight in shining armor who comes to rescue you from the mess others have created and in return all they want is money- not love. There are many different sectors of areas in law and accordingly people choose what type of lawyer do they want to become. There are just so many professional immigration consultants in Calgary, AB that are in demand.

Different types of immigration status.

  • Citizens
    • This section consists of people that have been born in the US or after living there for more than three or five years as permanent residents they have officially gained their citizenship.
    • These citizens do not have the risk of ever being deported unless they have obtained their citizenship through any unusual acts of fraud.
  • Residents
    • This category has two subtypes mainly, permanent residents and conditional residents.
    • Permanent residents have a green card which indicates that they are legally allowed to work and live in the USA.
    • Conditional residents are those people who have been married for less that two years before they received their green card.
  • Non-immigrants
    • These types of people are the people who have entered the country legally but have only come on temporary basis. They are not in it for the long haul.
    • If you overstay in the country even when your visa is expired then you will be shifted into the undocumented category.
    • Examples » Students

» Tourists or people who have come there for temporary business.

» Fiancées

  • Undocumented
    • Like mentioned above, people who have overstayed their welcome are listed as undocumented, but people who have entered the country illegally also fall under this category.
    • Such people are not allowed to have access to health insurance, work and other benefits of living.