Immerse your heart into the best Water attractions Vancouver

For those who love waters and water attractions, Vancouver is your city. It is a city that can keep you hooked on water activities endlessly. Vancouver starts with waters and ends with waters. It is a beautiful place that boasts clean waters and beaches. The coastlines and waterways in Vancouver are many and that is where water enthusiasts begin their day.

There are various boat charter companies spread across Vancouver. If you love boating and yachting, you can charter a boat at very reasonable prices from any of them. You will find the most boat companies at Granville Island, Coal Harbour, and Horseshoe Bay. It is worth noting that you will need a license for fishing in Vancouver.

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Yachting activities are common in the waters and many locals come to coasts just for yachting. Enjoy yachting on the clean waters on a sunny day is a great relaxation. Vancouver enjoys great climate all year round. You can charter smaller boats for two or if you are with your family and friends, you could charter bigger boats.

For those water lovers on honeymoon trips or love trips, a dinner date on a cruise is perfect to enjoy a romantic night. Dinner cruises can also be hired for weddings and events. The great food combined with the smell of waters and the feeling of floating away is priceless. So if you stay Vancouver make sure to enjoy a cruise dinner for sure.

A great and rare water attraction in Vancouver is the whale-watching activity. A large number of whales migrate, they make random appearances in the waters around Gulf and the San Juan Islands. Various tour operators lead whale watching expeditions. Various types of whales like orcas, humpback whales, gray whales and little minke whales appear in the waters. Various other water animals like sea otters, dolphins and different types of water birds also appear. A camera is a must for a whale-watching visit.

You will definitely fantasize about your stay Vancouver when you leave since this water haven has every possible water attraction. Make sure to create lots of memories and photos and enjoy your time in Vancouver, right to the last minute.