Know More About Satellite Phone

Cellular phones carry signals to/from towers on the ground, whereas satellite phones use satellites around the Earth to communicate. These phones are perfect for usage in rural places since they do not rely on mobile phone towers and instead rely on the closest gateway. Because the satellite phone has a broader range, it may be used anywhere, even in the middle of nowhere, or during a power outage. It’s possible to get almost all of the world’s coverage using these phones. Learn more about satellite phone singapore in this article.

The ability to keep you in touch even when you’re not

satellite phone singapore

A satellite phone powered by Android may be the first in the world, but Allied parts provide a wide range of affordable options for everyday phone use. We provide lightweight, portable satellite devices that may be incredibly useful in emergency scenarios, thanks to sourcing affordable satellite phones from reputed companies.

The diversity of tough satellite phone alternatives further enhances its attractiveness. MIL-STD-810 G/F standards are used to construct fully ruggedized models such as the X5-Touch. The IP67 classification confirms the device’s toughness, making it more resistant to damage than the average smartphone.

The dedicated SOS button on satellite phones is yet another essential feature to look for. For emergencies, this one-touch button will quickly make a phone call or send an SMS message to any pre-programmed phone number. You can rely on a constant stream of data thanks to the extensive satellite network, which spans two-thirds of the world.