Knowledge and Strategies for Effective Cybersecurity

A security audit is to rely on a trusted third party (usually a company specializing in computer security) to validate the means of protection implemented about security policy. The cyber security audit singapore is thus to verify that each rule of the security policy is correctly applied and that all the measures taken form a coherent whole.

A security audit ensures that all the arrangements made by the company are deemed to be safe.

How Cyber Security Audit in Singapore Helps?

The audit identifies the strengths, especially the weaknesses (vulnerabilities) of all or part of the system. The auditor also makes a series of recommendations to remove the vulnerabilities discovered. The audit is generally carried out jointly with a risk analysis and concerning the benchmark. The repository generally consists of:

  • The information system security policy (PSSI)
  • The IS documentary base
  • Company-specific regulations
  • Legal texts

Why A Security Audit?

  • The audit can be carried out for different purposes:
  • React to an attack
  • Get a good idea of ​​the IS security level
  • Test the effective implementation of the PSSI
  • Test new equipment
  • Assess the evolution of security (involves a periodic audit)

In any case, its purpose is to verify security. In the securing cycle, verification occurs after the completion of an action. For example, when setting up a new component in the IS, it is good to test its security after having integrated the component into a test environment and before its actual implementation.

Final Words

The result is the audit report. This contains the exhaustive list of vulnerabilities identified by the auditor on the system analyzed. It also contains a list of recommendations for removing the vulnerabilities found.