Rent a studio for yourself

People love listening to music. It gives them the freedom to choose what they like and imagine more out of the world. Some people are also interested to learn music to become a musician. It is a long process as they have to learn from scratch. In such cases, it is important to choose the platform carefully.

Amadeus Music Academy is one of the most popular music schools in Singapore. It is located in the central area which can be reached easily. The academy has also got experienced instructors who teach the students with full attention. They give importance to all the people in the academy and ensure they learn efficiently. Once a student becomes a master in music, it is nothing but a proud moment for the whole school. The academy also gives freedom to the students to rent piano studio Singapore. They provide this option to help them practice and play the piano well.

When the students get the opportunity to rent piano studio Singapore, they have to understand and agree to the terms and conditions. They provide two pianos for rent;

  • Boston Grand GP178.
  • Boston UP126 PE.

The rates for these two pianos will differ according to the day. On the weekdays it will come up to $150 per hour and on the weekend the rates will go up by $180 per hour. For lesser rent, people can go with the Boston UP126 PE as it is much cheaper when compared to the other. Contact the website to rent the piano and get ready to play the music of your choice.