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Triller Boss Ryan Kavanaugh

Teenagers who are addicted to the short-form video genre have probably not ever heard of Ryan Kavanaugh, the onetime Hollywood villain now in the spotlight due to his control of Triller, a video-sharing application with a chance of taking on TikTok the more well-known competitor.

Principal at Proxima Media and Founder

Kavanaugh established his name through Relativity Media, the entertainment business he created in 2004 that claimed to utilize complex algorithms — called the “Monte Carlo method,” as used in the language used by Wall Street — to eliminate the risk from financing film. It was a hypnotic pitch and Kavanaugh made it a reality with his infectious enthusiasm, even as Relativity was losing a lot of cash. (The Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig comedy-heist Masterminds for instance, only made a fraction of the $125.

Of course, nobody likes a story of redemption more than Hollywood Kavanaugh, and his story could be the perfect ending to this year that has been a complete shambles. Ryan Kavanaugh along with his co-founder with Proxima Media, Bobby Sarnevesht and Bobby Sarnevesht, bought an all-controlling share in Triller in the year 2019 when lawmakers were just starting to raise security concerns regarding The company’s Chinese parent company ByteDance. Today, Triller and Kavanaugh stand to profit, at least on paper, from a storm of rising technological valuations SPAC panic, as well as President Trump’s constant efforts to ban or force the deal to sell TikTok.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Financial Times

It’s equally admirable that Triller is growing its users of people between the ages of 15 and 27 who are a group that corporate America is eager to reach and which Kavanaugh believes is Triller’s ideal group of customers. “Brands all want to be there,” Ryan Kavanaug informs me with his unstoppable manic energy. “You can’t really market to them.” But is Triller and getting paid to make funny videos, lip-syncing and dancing, and promoting Red Bull to one another.