Tips and Strategies for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

You decided to play Rise of Kingdoms because it is more appealing than its previous name – Rise of Civilizations. Rise of Kingdoms is considered the next-level RTS (Real-time Strategy) game for tablets and smartphones. This game allows you to create your own city. Your goal here is to conquer the world.

To get started, here are some tips and strategies for beginners:

Participate in the daily missions

You should know that the quickest way to rack up some resources and boosts is to participate and complete the daily missions. It is called a daily mission for a reason. As a beginner, you should not skip any day.

Keep in mind that the more missions you complete, the more treasures you will unlock and the farther you will go. Do not worry because these missions are simple. All you have to do is to focus on getting all each day.

Pay attention to the main quests

There are many main and side quests that you need to complete. By playing the game, you can complete the quests but the main quests are important since they present actual milestones allowing you to progress the game and improve your kingdom’s power.

When you are collecting side mission rewards, you should not rush – especially if you are at war against an active adversary. You should collect the rewards and other items when you really need them.

Train your troops

When starting your kingdom or conquering others, you can never have too many troops. With this, you should ensure that you train more troops. It will take time but it will be crucial in your success. As much as possible, upgrade your troop-producing buildings especially if you have the chance to train incessantly.

Join an active alliance

You need the alliance to help you protect your kingdom. By joining an active alliance, you have more opportunities to ask for help to speed up production and research. Through this, you also unlock the extra technologies in the Alliance menu.

Level up buildings first

Many starts with the City Hall upgrades instead of leveling up all other buildings. This is not the best approach. You should level up all other buildings so you will be maxed up in all areas – progress will come naturally.

Attack barbarians early

Barbarians are threats to your kingdom. When it comes to battling against barbarians, your troops will never die. They will get wounded but you will not lose them from attacking barbarians. Attacking barbarians near your kingdom can pile up on boosts and other good things.

Mold your commanders

You should know that there are many commanders available in the game – some are better than the others. It is important that you choose the right commander. Take time checking the skills of the commanders as well as their stats before you decide which one to work with. Ultimately, you should focus on a commander that will give you solid boosts.

Final words

Now that you know some tips and strategies, you can confidently go to and start building or conquering. Do not forget about joining an alliance to help fellow members and be protected when your kingdom is hit.