What is SVG AND Benefits of SVG TOOLS?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, as well as they are rendered in XML. This vector image format means that the file size is very small compared to other image kinds like JPEG, PNG, and GIF. This vector-based rendering moreover means that SVG could scale without losing any quality, which is great for responsive web design. So why would we use the SVG tool?

Smaller File Sizes

Since SVGs are reduced in XML, the file size is lesser compare to PNG and JPEG. With vector graphics, the data that determines plus handles the image’s rendering are XML tags with features to specify how the elements would be displayed. In contrast, without boring you how PNGs otherwise JPEGs are composed, they are more complex and more costly: henceforth larger file size. Since SVGs have a smaller footprint than their equivalents, this means fewer bytes have to be sent over the wire. This will aid boost load time as well as performance.

Scalability: Pixel-Perfect

SVGs are resolution-independent, meaning they keep the same, pixel-perfect quality no matter what screen size they are being reduced on. Unlike JPG otherwise PNG, where if you try to scale them, they would start to become pixelated also blurry if the image is not big enough. It is possible to have different file sizes kinds for JPG and PNG, but this needs additional work, and it means sending more data over the wire. The bottom line is SVG’s are responsive plus look high-quality no matter how much they are scaled.


Since SVGs are just code you could customize and manipulate them with CSS plus JavaScript. This ability opens the door to infinite possibilities. A developer can simply change the colors by adding CSS classes otherwise changing the SVG features to render diverse SVGs dynamically. One can moreover use JavaScript to animate the SVG components.


Positively, by now, you have a better understanding of the advantages of SVG tool and might think twice before using PNG, JPEG, or GIF. In brief, SVGs will aid with your app’s performance, are responsive through their pixel-perfect scaling, plus can be greatly customized.